Rise From the Ashes

Rise From The Ashes

A Call For the End Of Suburban Sprawl

I worked on this mural with Eric Hinote. We wanted to create an image that captured the spirit of the moment. One Spark was just getting started and there was a lot of forward momentum you could see going on in Downtown Jacksonville.

Downtown Jacksonville was once a vibrant center of the city. Today it is aspiring to once again be great. Years of white flight and countless strip malls have turned Jacksonville, FL into a city that would rather destroy its ecologically significant wetlands for another corporate restaurant than restore the urban center, but we can see change coming.

With the image of a phoenix, we called the city to once again embrace its downtown. You can see the flickers of progress with spaces like cowork, the revitalization of Hemming Park, and cultural institutions like MOCA.

"Rise From The Ashes" by Corey Kolb and Eric Hinote

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