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A digital what?

I design future-friendly websites and applications that are aesthetically pleasing and functional across multiple devices. I understand that a web designer cannot creatively work within the constraints of the web without knowing those constraints. Because of this, I follow a number of thought leaders, and strive to stay current on front-end development skills and design through social media.

Outside of work, I am often working on passion projects. These projects take the form of social commentary through graphic agitation, or short visual experiments. My passion projects serve as a safe place for me to explore and hone my craft of visual communication.

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UX Designer


As part of the UX design team, my responsibilities included:

  • Generating insights that both fuel ideation and evaluate designs through user research.
  • Designing flows and experiences that are simple and elegant.
  • Delivering innovative, engaging prototypes for testing usability and product validation.
  • Giving and soliciting feedback from other designers in order to continually raise our bar for quality. • Fulfilling several project requests simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines.
  • Designing user tests that address both user behavior and attitudes.
  • Conducting research with a wide variety of qualitative methods and a subset of quantitative methods, such as surveys.

Station Four



At Statin Four, I worked with a team of designers, developers, and marketing professionals to:

  • design and build marketing sites for clients.
  • I often communicated with clients to build a rapport, determine their unique business needs and goals for the site, and then maintained constant contact with them until these goals were met.
  • I also provided custom WordPress, Shopify, and HubSpot development while working with small and large businesses alike.

Harbinger Innovation Group

Visual Engineer


As the Visual Engineer for Harbinger Innovation (hi.), I was the lead user interface designer and user experience designer. I specialize in visual communication, front-end development (HTML & CSS), typeface selection, and understanding and implementing new technologies that help users elegantly experience client communications across digital channels.


Lead Designer


In my role as lead designer, I was tasked with refreshing the brand, creating inter- faces that lead to conversions, and providing guidance to our junior designer. The Real Estate Agent Directory is an eco system of services for realators to market their services and listings. I designed quality landing pages and sign up pages.

Burdette Ketchum

Associate Interactive Developer


Designed and developed interactive solutions that were intuitive, functional and communicated clearly for clients in industries ranging from medical and B2B to premium consumer. As associate interactive developer, I designed and provided front-end development for websites, mobile devices, tablets and eblasts while always delivering fresh, strategic solutions.

SBS Studios



As an intern, I provided both accessible and beautiful web solutions for national clients. I was tasked with designing an identity for a digital service, as well as front-end development and email design and development for clients in consumer and non-profit markets.

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