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On Corey Kolb

A digital what?

I design future-friendly websites and applications that are aesthetically pleasing and functional across multiple devices. I understand that a web designer cannot creatively work within the constraints of the web without knowing those constraints. Because of this, I follow a number of thought leaders, and strive to stay current on front-end development skills and design through social media.

Outside of work, I am often working on passion projects. These projects take the form of social commentary through graphic agitation, or short visual experiments. My passion projects serve as a safe place for me to explore and hone my craft of visual communication.

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UX Designer


As part of the UX design team, I

  • generated insights that both fueled ideation and evaluated designs through user research.
  • designed flows and user experiences.
  • delivered prototypes for usability testing and product validation.
  • gave and solicited feedback from other designers to continually raise our bar for quality.
  • worked on multiple projects simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines.
  • designed user tests that addressed user behavior and attitudes.
  • conducted research with a wide variety of qualitative methods and a subset of quantitative methods, such as surveys.

Station Four



At Station Four, I worked with a team of designers, developers, and marketing professionals to design and build marketing sites for clients. Some highlights include:

  • Communicating with clients to build a rapport, determine their unique business needs and goals for the site, and then maintain constant contact with them until these goals were met.
  • Providing custom WordPress, Shopify, and HubSpot development while working with small and large businesses alike.

Harbinger Innovation Group

Visual Engineer


As the Visual Engineer for Harbinger Innovation (hi.), I was the lead UI/UX designer. I specialized in visual communication, front-end development (HTML & CSS), typeface selection, and understanding and implementing new technologies for the best user experience across digital channels.


Lead Designer


In my role as lead designer, I refreshed N-PLAY’s brand, designed new user interfaces that lead to increased conversions, and provided guidance to junior designers.

Burdette Ketchum

Associate Interactive Developer


I designed and developed interactive solutions that were intuitive, functional, and communicated clearly for clients in industries ranging from medical and B2B to premium consumer. As associate interactive developer, I designed and provided front-end development for websites, mobile devices, tablets and e-blasts while always delivering fresh, strategic solutions.

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