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My Role

For this project, I was involved with developing the information architecture and wireframes. After these initial steps, I helped create style tiles that established the look and feel of the user interface. Upon client request, I applied the look and feel established in the style tiles to a number of wireframes to create comprehensive layouts. I was then in charge of managing the production of markup and development of the Shopify theme. My roles toward the end of the project were developing and administering a user test, then managing and executing revisions to the Shopify theme.


Peoplr sells products to hiring managers and job seekers. These high priced products are an alternative to traditional recruitment and job coaching. One challenge with this site was imparting the fun and whimsical nature of the brand to the experience. This was achieved through photography of workspaces with colorful backgrounds and quirky desk items. The quirky desk items were then used to represent abstract products that had no physical touchpoint. You can not hold a recruitment service, but you can represent it through a wooden magnet. The elevated design of this site helped to legitimize a small company and make them look authentic.

User Experience

Upon completion of the minimum viable product, we moved to improve the experience beyond educated guesses and best practices. Tests were conducted with working professionals that fit the user personas the site was built for. Several key improvements were identified and implemented through a series of sprints.

The testing process was informal yet structured. Users were asked to view the site for 30 seconds, then answer a handful of questions. In an age of ever decreasing attention spans, this test identified what messaging was coming across and what was being lost. Next, users were asked to complete a task. This task would range from finding and purchasing a product, to completing the post-purchase questionnaire that is required for the fulfillment of the product. Observing pain points made clear the revisions that needed to be made. The test was concluded with a checklist that allowed the users to rate the site on usability and how it made them feel.

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