St Augustine Distillery

St Augustine Distillery

A brochure site with blogging and Ecommerce Functionality

My Role

The first step was to develop the information architecture through a sitemap. I then created low-fidelity prototypes with bootstrap to evaluate placement of content and distribution of content. This was followed by some static comps to ensure the look and feel was properly executed. I made revisions to the custom wordpress theme both before and after the launch of the site.


The St Augustine Distillery is small batch distillery that seeks to capture the taste and flavor of Florida. Goals for this site included: empowering users to visit the distillery, translating the historic look and feel of the site to a digital experience, and facilitating the co-creation and distrbution of marketing materials.

Heavy focus was put on getting users to visit the distillery through prominence in the navigation, and redundant paths to get users to the visit page. In addition to efforts with the navigation, a branded map and contact information was included on the footer of every page.

The historic look and feel of the brand was translated to a digital experience through ornate and distressed divider elements, decorative design elements framing the navigation and footer of the site, hand crafted type treatments, and distressed border around the photographs.

Co-creation and distribution of marketing material was achieved through a instagram gallery on the homepage that pulls in photos tagged with #stadistillery and The Brand Ambassador program. The Brand Ambassador program begins with users signing up on a page with information on how they can become more involved and spreading the word about this farm to glass product. These Brand Ambassadors are added to a mailing list that distributes news about happenings and events to this select group before it is distributed to the public.

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