John Caulfield Website

John Caulfield Website

A lead generation tool

My Role

Under the creative direction of Sean Tucker, I designed and developed this site as an employee of Station Four. Jared Rypkema developed the messaging and aided in the wireframing.  The project started with a kick off meeting that led right into low-fidelity, static wireframes for both mobile and desktop breakpoints. Given the limited nature of the page, I elected to create a desktop comp as opposed to a standard mobile and desktop comp. The comp was presented with some direction on how the elements should behave. Given approval, I developed the site in HTML and LESS.


This site’s primary goal is to be a lead generation tool for gaining speaking engagements. A secondary goal is to present John as the credible authority on Cuba that he is. John P. Caulfield is a recently retired diplomat with extensive experience. Cuba has become salient in the business community through changes in diplomatic relations with the United States. John saw this as an opportunity to share his experience through speaking engagements.

The look and feel of the site is professional, yet captures your imagination for this beautiful nation that John has spent years observing in country. The content was designed to keep focus and answer different user persona’s questions by only displaying specific information upon interaction. This animation was achieved using CSS transitions.

John P Caulfields website designed by Corey Kolb

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