I Stand With MOCA

I Stand With MOCA

Graphic Agitation in Support of the Arts

Clay Yarborough is a city council member in Jacksonville, FL. He attacked The Museum of Contemporary with a request to remove all public funding over a photograph of a pregnant, reclining nude. The cultural community quickly rallied to the defense of MOCA in a public show of support. Yarborough’s accusation that the museum was displaying pornography became a symbol of backwards southern fundamentalist ignorance in the “Bold New City of The South.”

My response was a graphic one. I made light of the situation with both protest posters and memes on instagram and Facebook. I made an image in support of the director of MOCA, Marcel Polednik, that simply read “I Stand With Marcel Polednik.” I made an image casting Clay Yarborough as both an art critic and porn connoisseur to poke at the fact that he was not able to discern the difference between fine art and pornagraphy.

Holy Bare Breast, My porn Detector is Tingling

Art Critic Porn Connoisseur Clay Yarborough

I Stand With Marcelle Polednik

Calling out the media

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